Digital Lead Generation

With Digital Marketing Lead Generation you have the option of using different platforms of digital advertising media to get your message across. You have the following advantages in Digital marketing:

  • Target your Audience:

You can determine who you want to target and why you choose a specific audience;

  • Run a warming campaign:

You can run a warming campaign on your target audience to make them aware of your business and what you offer;

  • Determine your target area:

You can choose the area you wish to target either per town, a radius that you prefer to market in or even which country or town overseas you want to target

  • Select your target audience per category:

There are many ways to select your target audience like education, interests, sport, habits….etc

  • Decide how long you would like to run your campaign:

You can decide how long you would like to run a advertising campaign

  • Change your campaign strategy:

Should you not be impressed with the results you get, you can change your campaign heading and advertising to get better results;

  • Choose digital platform for best results: You can advertise on Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, twitter, Chat bots….numerous platforms until you get the results that suit you;

Jarika Digital Agency

We will analyse your business needs and determine with you, the owner, what would be the best way to launch your advertising campaign to give you the best return on investment. (ROI)

Once we see you don’t get good results, we change our strategy until we get the best results for your type of business.

Acknowledgment of report on “Lead Generation: A Complete Guide” – by Marketo

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