What is Lead Generation?

Most businesses find it hard to survive in  the current economic climate. What used to work in the past just doesn’t seem to be effective today and business owners need to be very innovative to make things work to stay in business.

There is more pressure for salary increases and like the cost of living goes up, so does it cost more to run a business successfully nowadays.

Business owners go to all lengths to get more sales to keep up with these demands, but low and behold….the advertising of the past does not give the needed results anymore!

This is where good Lead Generation will be critically important.

Lead generation describes the marketing process of stimulation and capturing interest of customers in the product a business is selling or a service rendered. This interest is mostly captured by means of a funnel and this process was perfected in the last number of years by digital marketing through initiatives in the social media with remarkable success.

As a result of this new way of marketing, more emphasis is now on digital or internet marketing and Facebook, Google, Twitter, Chat bots and LinkedIn are some of the vehicles used by lead generation agencies to generate sales leads for business.

Before a Lead Generation agency can set up the lead generation process, a very thorough analysis of the particular business needs to be conducted to ensure that the correct target market and sales area is targeted with the lead generation campaign.

A warming campaign needs to run to make potential customers aware of the services and location of the business and once customers in the trading area are aware of what will follow, leads will be regenerated. Interested customer will then insert their details in a two step or three step funnel and the client will receive the name, telephone  number and email address of interested customers.

It will then be the responsibility of the business owner to follow up these warm leads as soon as possible to generate the maximum sales out of the leads achieved.

Jarika Digital Agency is qualified to take your business through this process to achieve the maximum ROI (return on investment) and increase your sales…most of the time by astonishing increase in sales results!

Acknowledgment of report on “Lead Generation: A Complete Guide” – by Marketo

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